Homeopathy Crossword May 2021

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  • 1. If Ledum produces debility, this remedy should never follow it.
  • 2. This plant remedy has .Nerve pain from trauma, tingling, numbness and pains radiatiing along a nerve.
  • 3. Ths plant remedy has body cold as ice, great prostration; voice squeaky or husky, upper lip retracted, collapse.
  • 4. Remedy from Indian Turnip. Hoarseness and rawness in the larynx. The voice suddenly changes
  • 5. Hayfever remedy with itching in throat, nose and palate. Rubs tongue over palate due to itching.
  • 6. Cough remedy from carnivorous plant. Spasmodic barking cough in evening.
  • 7. This flatulent remedy has vertigo before and after diarrhea.
  • 8. Remedy from Sow Bread. Aggravation from fat food; desire for lemonade.
  • 9. Snake remedy without hemorrhagic or septic tendencies, but useful in cardiac valvular lesions.
  • 10. Remedy from Saffron. Sensation as if something were alive in the abdomen. Clotted dark blood from uterus.
  • 11. Plant remedy useful in inflamed or enlarged prostate. Used in both mother tincture and potency.
  • 12. Remedy from the Rock Rose. Intense dryness of throat, Sensation of sand in the throat.
  • 13. This plant remedy has profuse salivation with claen tongue. Aggr motion, winter, dry weather.
  • 14. This plant remedy has irritating, dry cough in paroxysms, aggr by cold air and caused by tickling in the supra-sternal fossa.


  • 15. Author of: The Life and Letters of Hahnemann - Thomas L. ________.
  • 16. Plant remedy with affinity for wrists and ankles. Also eyestrain from overwork.
  • 17. Author of the 3 volume Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica - J.H. ______.
  • 18. This snake remedy has fear of rain. Craves ice, oranges.
  • 19. This natrum has vertigo after drinking coffee.
  • 20. Author of: Some Emergencies of General Practice - D.M. _______..
  • 21. This Nux remedy has Hysteria, with attacks of faintness and an irresistible desire to sleep;
  • 22. Author of Fifty Reasons for Being a Homeopath
  • 23. This remedy has constriction about the heart as if grasped by an iron hand, sharp pains in the heart; hemoptysis.
  • 24. Amelioration from heat, from standing and after eating or drinking suggests this miasm.
  • 25. Neither Apis nor this remedy should ever follow Phosphorus.
  • 26. Boenninghausen's method requires us to seek out: Location, Sensation, Concomitant and ________
  • 27. This remedy has hard nodes in breasts. Breasts very sensitive, can't bear the touch of clothes, walking or jarring is painful.
  • 28. Author of Boenninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory - C.M. _______

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