Crossword October 2014

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  • 1. This Beechwood derived remedy has the peculiar symptom that the paient urinates while dreaming of the act.
  • 2. Atomic weight of Oxygen
  • 3. The order Rubiaceae includes this beverage remedy.
  • 4. This metal element remedy is complementary to Bryonia.
  • 5. This famous homeopath (1894-1987) helped edit the Final General Repertory of Kent. Pierre _______
  • 6. Dean of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, Rudi _________
  • 7. This animal remedy desires solitude to practice masturbation. Useful in lymphangitis after injury.
  • 8. Involuntary urination during sleep in children often yields to this sudden onset plant remedy.
  • 9. This acid remedy desires herring.
  • 10. Drosera is mostly associated with this miasm.
  • 11. Parlaysis of bladder, involuntary urination while coughing, nocturnal enuresis in children during first sleep. The remedy? sleep.
  • 12. Cystitis, with pus, mucus and tenesmus may yield to this remedy from a common garden vegetable.


  • 13. Ailments from suppression of sexual desire, gradual paralysis, cancer of glands, suggests this remedy.
  • 14. This Halogen is warm blooded, left sided, worse from warmth and dust. Colds start in larynx.
  • 15. This anger remedy is the chronic of colocynth.
  • 16. Remedy made from the venom of the coral snake.
  • 17. Secale cornutum belongs to this botanical order.
  • 18. Homeopath (1812-1888) Adolphe _________
  • 19. This insect remedy is complementary to Natrum muriaticum.
  • 20. Atomic weight of Nitrogen
  • 21. This nosode desires ice.
  • 22. A spider remedy with great sensitivity to noise.
  • 23. Berberis, Caulophyllum and this remedy constitute the Berberidaceae.
  • 24. This mineral remedy is the chronic of Pulsatilla.
  • 25. This element remedy has fear of being hanged.
  • 26. This home sickness remedy is chilly, dirty, worse from cold air and draft.
  • 27. This remedy made from a common beverage has sudden impulse to kill her children.

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  1. I love your homeopathy crosswords and have been doing them every month since you started. What a great idea!

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