Crossword September 2014

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  • 1. This natrum is one of only two remedies that have confusion in the sun.
  • 2. This snake remedy has black discharges, cold things disagree, right sided paralysis, fear of rain.
  • 3. Dread of cold or draft, despair of recovery are found in this nosode.
  • 4. Known for her incisive series of books, Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines. Homeopath Catherine ____________.
  • 5. This snake remedy has valvular diseases of the heart, with a dry, teasing cough and tremulous action.
  • 6. This acid remedy has sour vomit, stomach feels cold and relaxed, and the patient desires a stimulating drink.
  • 7. This snake remedy craves wheat.
  • 8. This remedy from Brazilian Ucuba hastens suppuration.
  • 9. Indifference to those loved best and inability to realize responsibility, are found in this syphilitic acid remedy.
  • 10. Whoopng cough, asthmatic paroxysm, violent cough feels like it would terminate life, cannot exhale. Furry little animal remedy.
  • 11. Insomnia from loss of reputation is a keynote of this Kali remedy.
  • 12. A fish remedy. Pain from right side of womb to right or left breast, nymphomania, worse least touch, keeps legs tightly crossed.
  • 13. Fear of dogs, desire to curse and swear characterize this nosode.
  • 14. Children who are capricious and oversensitive to pain demand this remedy.


  • 15. This flower remedly has valvular disease of heart, scanty urine and dropsy, great dyspnoea.
  • 16. This element remedy has fear of cats, hunger 11am.
  • 17. This element remedy has aversion to and aggravation from tomatoes.
  • 18. Insomnia from burning in blood vessels is a keynote of this poisonous metal.
  • 19. This sympathetic remedy fits longs lasting grief and is also important in cases of lead poisoning.
  • 20. Ailments from celibacy are a characteristic of this highly poisonous remedy.
  • 21. This phosphoricum remedy is indicated in early stages of inflammation. Face alternately red and pale.
  • 22. This Natrum remedy is known for fear of birds.
  • 23. This stinging insect remedy dreams of flying.
  • 24. Extreme fright, somnolence, all secretions suppressed except perspiration. A plant remedy.
  • 25. This metal remedy has irresistible impulse to kill. Contempt for others, mental ailments from suppressed menses.
  • 26. Ceanothus has a marked action on this organ located in the upper left abdomen.
  • 27. Insomnia from homesickness is a keynote of this remedy.
  • 28. This plant remedy has cardiac hypertrophy from heavy work, swelling of hands from exertion, chest feels sore. and bruised.

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