Crossword November 2016

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  • 1. Famous homeopath who was born around midnight on April 10, 1776.
  • 2. The remedy Castoreum is made from the secretions of the preputial sacs of this animal.
  • 3. Aurum metallicum is most closely associated with this miasm.
  • 4. In 1821 this medical student was asked to write a book criticizing Homoeopathy. This student became a homeopath.
  • 5. This plant remedy is worse ascending to high altitude.
  • 6. This mineral remedy tends to be very sympathetic and has fear of accidents happening to her friends.
  • 7. This plant remedy has the modality, better from bending backward.
  • 8. This remedy has the delusion that his body parts are scattered about bed, and he tries to get the pieces together.
  • 9. Like Arnica, this remedy has fear of being approached, lest she be touched. It's a remedy often called for in dehydration.
  • 10. This light metal remedy has fear of wettng the bed.
  • 11. This remedy is sensitive to draft, cold and touch. Useful in local inflammations. It also has fear of bees.
  • 12. Frageria vessica has been used for urticaria triggered by eating tihis fruit.
  • 13. This remedy has the delusion that his body parts are delicate.


  • 14. In 1775, Hahnemann at 20 years old, left home to study in this city.
  • 15. The creature from which the remedy Cimex is made.
  • 16. The epigastric regiion is located above the umbilical region. This region is located below the umbilical region.
  • 17. This snake remedy has the delusion that his body is disintegrating.
  • 18. The caudate nucleus is located in this organ.
  • 19. This remedy has the delusion that animals are devouring him.
  • 20. The fovea centralis has the highest density of these photoreceptors in the eye.
  • 21. Anxious and restless, this metalloid remedy has fear of death during migraine.
  • 22. The the first Homoeopathic Society in the U.S. was founded in this U.S. city.
  • 23. This plant remedy is useful for scratched cornea, burns, promoting healthy granulations in wounds.
  • 24. This plant remedy is often effective for ganglion of the wrist. Useful also in eyestrain.
  • 25. Commom name for cerumen

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