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  • 1. This antimonium remedy has white coated tongue, aggr from pork, fats, pastries and being looked at..
  • 2. This liver remedy made from Culver's Root, has stools that are tarry and black.
  • 3. Dulcamara is inimical to this snake remedy.
  • 4. Lachesis is inimical to this acid remedy.
  • 5. Rhus tox is inimial to this insect remedy.
  • 6. This metal remedy loves approbation and keeps up brightly in company.
  • 7. Phosphorus is inimical to this mineral remedy.
  • 8. Mercurius is inimical to this mineral remedy.
  • 9. Latrodectus m., Mygale, Theridon and Mygale all belong to this zoological class.
  • 10. This remedy used in ailments from loss of fluids has bitter taste of all foods, ringing in ears, circles under the eyes.
  • 11. Agar, bov, cand-a and ergot belong to this primitive kingdom.
  • 12. This purple fish remedy has pain from right side of womb to right or left breast.


  • 13. This source of this fatty acid remedy is found in butter.
  • 14. It is best to avoid this alcoholic beverage when taking Zincum.
  • 15. This Greek Father of Medicine’ said there were two Laws of Healing: The Law of Opposites and the Law of Similars.
  • 16. There were once fourteen of these homeopathic institutions in the UK. Today they have alll been closed or downgraded.
  • 17. Corallium Rubrum is made from this substance secreted by certain marine coelenterates.
  • 18. This part of the brain takes information coming from the body and sends it on to the cerebral cortex.
  • 19. The brainstem includes the midbrain, pons, and the _______.
  • 20. Lac Delphinum is made from the milk of this sea mammal.
  • 21. This beverage remedy is inimical to Ignatia.
  • 22. Carbo animalis, Colostrum, Lac caninum and Thyroidinum are belong to this class of remedies.
  • 23. Glon, trinit, urea-n and this acid remedy are all derived from explosives.
  • 24. This remedy made from a narcotic plant is inimincal to Gelsemium.

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