Crossword March 2016

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  • 1. This acid remedy was first prepared by soaking broken bones in sulphuric acid.
  • 2. This nitricum remedy is sometimes useful in diabetes that is due to defective assimilation.
  • 3. The Apocynum Cannabinum patient is aggravated by this thermal condition.
  • 4. This remedy is made from Bitter Cucumber.
  • 5. This elemental remedy may be indicated in spare, dark, active patients who have thyroid issues.
  • 6. This remedy was first prepared by putting chopped beef in water in a sunny place for three weeks.
  • 7. Millefolium is most often associated with loss of this body fluid.
  • 8. This nosode has ever changing symptoms, rapid emaciation. It is associated with tall, slim and narrow chested individuals..
  • 9. Made by burning the interior of oyster shells with flowers of sulphur, this remedy is often used for boils.
  • 10. The Health Ministry in this Spanish City cancelled it's postgraduate degree in homeopathic medicine after 21 years.
  • 11. This sulphuricum remedy is called for in case of radium burns from cancer treatment.
  • 12. This animal remedy cannot pass stool in the presence of a nurse. Worse from music. Premature old age.
  • 13. This empathic remedy is three points for laughing when sad.


  • 14. This remedy often used in allergic reactions with edema is made from an entire insect.
  • 15. Absin, Benz acid, Nat carb and Nit acid, all have urine that smells like it came from this animal.
  • 16. This remedy is made by distilling calcium hydroxide with potassium bisulphate. A keynote is worse in dry weather.
  • 17. Spider remedy often used in angina.
  • 18. This remedy is prepared from a mixture of phenols obtained from Beechwood Tar. One keynote is putrid dark hemorrhages.
  • 19. This mercurius remedy has tenesmus with no relief after stool
  • 20. When a child is teethng and bites the teeth and gums together, this plant remedy may be indicated.
  • 21. This form of Silica is said to remove tartar from teeth.
  • 22. This remedy may be indicated in cancer of the lips when there are painful cracks in the angles of the mouth.
  • 23. In addition to lachesis, this other suspicious and talkative remedy has delirium from jealousy..
  • 24. This acid remedy antidotes the anesthetic vapors of chloroform.
  • 25. Sygium is a remedy that may be indicated when there are irregular levels of this in the blood.

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4 thoughts on “Crossword March 2016”

  1. Thank you, Alan, for providing these crosswords and so many tips and wisdoms.I have done this March’s one in one go except for the 21DOWN. this one evades me.
    I really enjoyed it..

  2. Looks to me there are 2 errors, i.e., 1A should be phosphoric and 22D should be cundurango according to my references 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      Yes, there’s a typo in Phosphoric and thanks for letting me know! You’re also correct that Condurango should be CUndurango. It’s made from the Condor plant and sometimes that alternate spelling is used.

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