Crossword March 2014

Crossword March 2014

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  • 1. If a tissue in indurated, it mean it has become __________.
  • 2. This remedy from the Loganiaceae family has ailments from fright. Feels heart will stop unless she stays in motion.
  • 3. Children who have chronic swollen tonsils and fear strangers may need this carbonicum.
  • 4. Bell, Cinch, Calc, Stram, Tub, Puls and Hyos all share a fear of these creatures.
  • 5. During a 1957 polio epidemic in Buenos Aires, over 18, 600 children were protected from the disease with this nosode.
  • 6. Dr. Tomas Pablo Paschero practiced homeopathy in this country.
  • 7. Memingitis with hot face, red, puffy eyelids. Worse from heat, slight touch and after sleep, thirstless, suggests this remedy.
  • 8. Aversion to boiled food and to meat, and craving for highly seasoned food, sweets and hot food suggests this miasm.
  • 9. Jungian psychoanalyst and homeopathic physician, author of Psyche and Substance, Dr. Edward C. _____________
  • 10. People needing this nosode are best at night, crave fruit, sweet, salt and fat, thirst for ice cold drinks, are worse from dampness.
  • 11. Term for symptoms that come and go at regular intervals or times.
  • 12. This common, sudden onset remedy, is worse at 3pm.


  • 13. This milk remedy has fear of snakes. Lac _________.
  • 14. Made from a silver-white malleable, light trivalent metallic element, this remmedy is one of only 5 remedies that fear blood.
  • 15. Ths chilly and restless metal remedy is one of only three remedies that have fear of being disabled.
  • 16. Children needing this nosode may be born with hair on the spine and later show badly aligned teeth, swollen cervical glands. eyelashes.
  • 17. This remedy has pain under inferior angle of right scapula. She fears she has ruined her health.
  • 18. This ferrum is indicated in early stages of inflammation. Face alternately red and pale.
  • 19. This liver remedy frm the Asteraceae family, has has mapped, excoriated tongue with raw patches.
  • 20. Fear of going outdoors.
  • 21. Great sleepiness after a head injury, breathing stops on going to sleep, impaction, stertorous breathing. The remedy?
  • 22. Kingdom - Phylum -Class - Order - Family - Genus - _______
  • 23. Remedies made directly from energh sources like magnets, X-ray and sunlight are sometimes classed as ______________.
  • 24. Loathing of life, rage and fury and malignant glioma suggest this miasm.
  • 25. Patients needing this nosode are chilly, sensitive to drafts, feel pessimistic and forsaken, have foul discharges.
  • 26. Calc, Calc-p, Cor-r, Elaps Lap-laz and Naja all share the fear of this weather event.
  • 27. Toothache from dry socket, often responds to this remedy which also has affinity for flexor tendons.

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