Crossword April 2014

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  • 1. Sudden rheumatic pains are characteristic of this red ant remedy.
  • 2. Convulsions accompanying apopolexy suggest Belladonna, Hyoscyamus and this snake remedy.
  • 3. Profuse, watery, yellowish-green discharges gushing out when he eats or drinks, suggests this plant oil remedy.
  • 4. Soft stools expelled with difficulty may indicate this remedy made from a light metal.
  • 5. Moist asthma which is worse upon change to damp weather suggests this Natrum remedy.
  • 6. Two important remedies in brain fag are phosphoric acid and _______ acid.
  • 7. Nux vomica, Alumina, Platina, Opium, Alum and Belladonna are useful in colics from this heavy metal.
  • 8. Cerebral symptoms of this plant remedy include violent delirium, restlessness, screaming out as if terrified, grinding of teeth.
  • 9. Bryonia has epistaxis in place of __________ discharge.
  • 10. In Cholera Infantum, Aconitum may be is indicated if stools look like chopped _________. What is the characterizing indication for Aconite in this affection ? Stools looking like chopped spinach
  • 11. A homeopathic formulation called Nodegrip was distributed free to peole in this country to help prevent a flu epidemic.
  • 12. Asthma after vaccination suggests Thuja, Antimonium tart or this chilly remedy.
  • 13. In 1851, Dr Benoit Mure was the first homeopath to practice in this middle eastern country.
  • 14. This remedy is indicated in Cholera when no vomiting or diarrhea, body cold as ice, voice squeaky, upper lip retracted.
  • 15. Belladonna and Glonoine have similarities, but Glonoine is worse from bending the head____________.


  • 16. This Bach flower remedy is supposed to help people adjust during times of transition.
  • 17. This remedy craves open air and is important in hysterical asthma.
  • 18. This Back flower remedy is important for states of jealousy and mistrust.
  • 19. This remedy has debility from loss of sleep and nausea from the odor of food.
  • 20. Homeopaths in this EU country are known for being low potency prescribers.
  • 21. Asthma tirggered by gastric disturbance with oppression after a hearty meal, suggests this irritable remedy.
  • 22. Needing this remedy from yellow dock, he puts his head under the bedclothes and breathes warm air to relieve the cough.
  • 23. This remedy is better for bending double and has ailments from suppressed anger.
  • 24. World Homeopathy Awareness Week occurs in which month of 2014.
  • 25. This natrum is useful in chronic bronchial catarrhs, winter coughs and asthma with profuse secretion of mucus.
  • 26. Ill effects of high altitudes may require this remedy.
  • 27. This Bach flower remedy is indicated for people who are bullies, dominating, tyrannical, ifnlexible and greedy.
  • 28. Backache with stiffness in lumbar region with a sudden loss of power on attempting to move suggests this antipsoric remedy.

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