Crossword March 2013

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  • 1. Blatta Orientalis is most commonly prescribed for this common respiratory ailment.
  • 2. Transparent mucus is most often found when this natrum is needed.
  • 3. Patients needing Schussler's cell salt Kali mur, usually have a tongue this color.
  • 4. This goldenseal derived remedy is known for thick slimy mucus.
  • 5. I hope you never slept with this creature from which Cimex is made.
  • 6. Rajan Sankaran heads a school in this Indian city.
  • 7. Ricinus Comunis comes from the bean of this plant.
  • 8. This remedy has nausea not relieved by vomiting and a clean tongue.
  • 9. This remedy has colic pains radiating from the abdomen to other parts of body. Relief from bending backwards.
  • 10. Ferrum, Sulph, Syph, Lyc and this plant remedy have relief from slow motion.
  • 11. This remedy has griping pain in abdomen, with retraction of the abdominal wall. pains radiate in all directions.
  • 12. Mushroom remedy for frostbite.
  • 13. This emotionally labile remedy has a lump in the throat and a sticking sensation, which is relieved by swallowing.
  • 14. Dutch homeopath who developed periodic table method of analyzing cases.
  • 15. Greek homeopath who won the Right Livelihood Award.
  • 16. Remedies from the salts of this ELEMENT produce tough, tenacious mucus in the throat. Patient hawks in morning.


  • 17. This chilly remedy has splinter-like pains in the throat and tonsillitis with suppuration.
  • 18. This remedy is useful for injuries of the bones.
  • 19. Only two remedies have coma from odors. One is Phosphorus and the other is this irribable, straining, chilly remedy.
  • 20. Mercurius iodatus ruber is especially indicated for ailment saffecting this side of the body.
  • 21. Dr. who founded and Homeopathy 4 Everyone.
  • 22. Francisco Eizayaga had 8 children and 3 became homeopathic doctors. What country did this famous homeopath come from?.
  • 23. Indications for this remedy in Typhoid include sleeplessness and thinks he iscattered about and must get his pieces together. again; there is great prostration; the back and limbs ache, and the patient feels bruised and tired all over; he is weak and faint.
  • 24. A handy remedy for spasms of the esophagus after swallowing a sharp bone.
  • 25. Chionathanus, Leptandra, Cardus m. and Chelidonium are primarily associated with this organ.
  • 26. Emaciation with good appetite sometimes suggests this hot remedy.
  • 27. This metal remedy is indicated in cholera -body cold and blue, cramps of muscles, calves and thighs are drawn up into knots.
  • 28. In Kent's repertory, food desires are listed in this chapter.
  • 29. The AHA and AROH are professional homeopathy organizations in this country.
  • 30. Sharp, lancinating pains and burning pains amel by heat, suggest this remedy in cancer. What is an indication for Arsenicum in Cancer ? Sharp, lancinating pains.

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