Homeopathy Crossword April 2013

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  • 1. In pneumonia with pressure across upper chest, labored respiration, rust-colored sputum. The remedy?
  • 2. Serum albumin in the urine, with edema and hypertension suggests a problem with these glands.
  • 3. This yellow mineral has a passion to read.
  • 4. Pneumonia with high fever preceded by chill. Full, hard and tense pulse, and hard, dry, teasing and painful cough. Remedy? painful cough.
  • 5. The remedy Lac Lupinum is derived fromthis animal.
  • 6. Remedy indicated when soreness and lameness as from a sprain or bruise. Rheumatism of wrists and ankles.
  • 7. This nosode is sympathetic and has anxiety for others. Blue tinge to sclera.
  • 8. Constipation and passes stool easier when standing, owing to paralytic condition of the rectum.
  • 9. This depressed, over-responsible remedy has an impulse to jump from a height.
  • 10. Colds with a thin, watery excoriating discharge from nose. The pattient is chilly and hugs the fire. Remedy?
  • 11. This plant remedy often used in head injury, has aversion to apples.
  • 12. Remedy in Cholera: Profuse, watery, spinach like, or bloody stools. Cold sweat on forehead, prostration and collapse.
  • 13. Convulsions after any emotion. Child is petulant, one cheek red, the other pale. Hot sweat about face and head. Remedy?
  • 14. Convulsions in children with pale face, child stiffens out, restless, resulting from irritation from worms or from dentition. How does Cina compare ? Pale face, child stiffens out, restless; occurring as a result of irritation from worms or from dentition.


  • 15. Cerebral softening from sedentary habits and intemperance. Vertigo in A.M. Vacillating gait. Brainfag with gastric symptoms.
  • 16. This Calcarera favors uniting of fractures, hastening the formation of callus.
  • 17. What other drug besides Camphor has sudden cessation of all discharges and collapse in Cholera? Name the acid remedy.
  • 18. This remedy often used after bones are broken, has aggravation from 7am through 9am.
  • 19. The remedy Lac-Caprinum is derived from this animal.
  • 20. Remedy indicated in pleruisy with sharp stitching pains in the chest; worse slightest motion. Lies on affected side.
  • 21. Constipation with retraction of abdomen, spasm of sphincter ani. Stool passed in little, round, black, hard balls. Remedy
  • 22. Remedy indicated when false labor pains during latter months of pregnancy, painful bearing-down sensations in hypogastrium.
  • 23. Headache in climacteric and non-appearing discharges make the patient worse; flushes of heat during the day. Remedy?
  • 24. Anger when misunderstood is a keynote of this amphibian remedy.
  • 25. In pneumnia we distinguish Ferrum phos from Aconite, because Ferr phos has less of this.
  • 26. This plant remedy has constant tickling cough in pit of throat, worse inhaling cold air.
  • 27. Scarlet Fever with smooth, bright red rash, cerebral irritation, strawberry tongue and swelling of the glands. Remedy?
  • 28. Remedy? Dry spasmodic cough, tickling extends from larynx to the ends of bronchi, violent paroxysms of coughing and retching.

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