Crossword February 2013

Crossword February 2013

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  • 1. This remedy produces a soreness in the womb, a consciousness of a womb.
  • 2. Petroselinum has a sudden desire to urinate. It is made from this common herb found in salads.
  • 3. Oscillococcinum used for influenza is produced by this company.
  • 4. Toxins from Clostridium bacteria attack the body in this disease.
  • 5. Schussler believed this muriaticum remedy was the most important one in most diptheria cases.
  • 6. Lycopodium, Thuja, Sulphur, Puls and Ignatia are made worse by this edible bulb with a pungent taste and odor.l
  • 7. This remedy is made from European daisies and used in bruising.
  • 8. Symphoricarpus racemosus is an important remedy for _________ sickness during pregnancy.
  • 9. Ths remedy has fissured warts having a cauliflower appearance.
  • 10. This metallic remedy is used in anemia when full bloodedness is followed by a paleness of face and puffiness of extremities.
  • 11. This sudden, violent onset remedy is worse at 3pm.
  • 12. Homeopath Francisco Xavier Eizayaga was born in this country.
  • 13. Babies born with hair on their backs may have this miasmatic taint.
  • 14. A large artery in the thigh that begins at the inguinal ligament. Often used to palpate the pulse.
  • 15. In left sided stroke with strong pulse, aching soreness all over, bed sores form readily, this common remedy may be called for.


  • 16. Belladonna should be changed to this remedy, when when pus forms and there are rigors, chills, sharp, sticking pains in tonsils.
  • 17. Urine scanty or suppressed, with general oedema and drowsiness, lack of thirst. The remedy?
  • 18. Cushing's syndrome can be brought on by over treatment with this class of drugs.
  • 19. This remedy has early and scanty menses in tall, slender females.
  • 20. Lachesis, Moschus and Theridon all have vertigo when doing this with the eyes.
  • 21. The patient needing this remedy has a heavy besotted look, as if drunken; the eyes are stupid and heavy.
  • 22. Dirty looking patient with 11am diarrhea.
  • 23. Addison's disease occurs when these glands fail toproduce enough hormones.
  • 24. Terebinthina is made from this common solvent.
  • 25. Telllurium is often called for in this common fungal infection.
  • 26. Ectopic pregnancy results when the fetus develops in one of these tubes.
  • 27. This remedy has Nettle rash, with intolerable itching and burning. Hives from eatiug shell fish.
  • 28. Phosphoric acid and Veratrum album desire this type of easily digestible food.

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