Crossword January 2013

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  • 1. This large artery in the groin is often used to detect a pulse.
  • 2. You won't find the rubric Critical in Kent's Repertory. Instead, look for this rubric ___________.
  • 3. Another word for greed, found in Kent's Repertory
  • 4. Argentum Nit. desires and is aggravated by this substance.
  • 5. This remedy made from Sweet Marjoram has the symptom Erotomania.
  • 6. Granatum is a remedy made from this fruit that has thick leathery skin and seeds with pulpy tart flavor.
  • 7. People in industrialized countries consume a lot of this type of sugar C12 H22 O11
  • 8. Dr. Robin Murphy lists Silica and this hyperactive remedy under desires sand.
  • 9. The number of thoracic nerve pairs in humans.
  • 10. This polychrest plant remedy dreams of naked men.
  • 11. Hamamelis has congestion of these blood vessels.
  • 12. Asafoetida's face becomes this color when in the cold or stressed.
  • 13. This remedy desires both eggs and charcoal.
  • 14. The older word for humiliation, found in Kent's Repertory


  • 15. A rubric often used to describe Arsenicum's attention to detail, order.
  • 16. Patients needing this nosode have romantic longings, desire to travel, need change and may fear dogs and cats.
  • 17. Lycopodium has aggravation from onions, oysters and these little fish.
  • 18. You won't find the word Depression in Kent's repertory. The closest word is ____________
  • 19. Nat mur, Alumina, Mag carb, Merc, Kali c and Silica all dream of this type of criminal.
  • 20. Cactus, Iodum, Lilium tig. Lach and Larurocerasus all have in common the sensation that the heart is ___________.
  • 21. Striated muscle is also called this ________.
  • 22. This hot, angry remedy has ailments from coffee.
  • 23. Phosphorus is useful in bleeding when the blood fails to do this.
  • 24. This phosphoricum has yellow creamy coat at base of tongue, craves fried food and has sour eructations.
  • 25. Alumina is one of the antidotes to chronic poisoning by this heavy metal.
  • 26. Carbo animalis has the sensation as if this part of the head is pressed asunder and one must hold it together. asunder and the patient must hold it together ?
  • 27. This remedy made from a primitive aquatic invertebrate is used for Goitre, with suffocating spells at night.
  • 28. Hyoscyamus has the size delusion that parts of the body seem too _______.

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