Crossword December 2012

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  • 1. This acid remedy has splinter-like pain. Irritable, hateful.
  • 2. This kali remedy has pain in small spots that could be covered with a thumb. Chilly.
  • 3. This metal remedy has water vomited as soon as it reaches the stomach. Craves cold drinks. Atomic number 83.
  • 4. This remedy has cancer, gradual paralysis, ailments from celibacy.
  • 5. Number of homeopathic medical schools in the U.S.
  • 6. Bary. m., Crotalus, Lach and Phos are some of the remedies having elongation of this projection from the soft palate.
  • 7. This remedy is indicated when a puncture wound feels cool to the touch butis worse from heat.
  • 8. Seasickness remedy indicated when nausea is worse from motion, accompanied by vertigo when patient raises his eyes.
  • 9. In SRP symptoms, R refers to this kind of symptom.
  • 10. Four letter acronym for behavioral problem in children often treated with Carc, Hyos, Med, Stram, Tub, Tarent or Verat.
  • 11. This mineral remedy used for chronic lead poisoning is better for damp, wet weather.
  • 12. This common remedy is inimical to Arg n., Caust, Cocc. i, Ign, Lact ac, Canth and Ast.r.
  • 13. He was reinterrred in Pere Lachese cemetary in 1898.
  • 14. Weakened by age, loss of love of life and desire to be alone suggest this aquatic mammal remedy.
  • 15. Hard, ringing, metallic cough, worse from deep breathing, with a sensation of weakness. Better warm drinks. A porifera.
  • 16. What C potency would you have if you had a dilution ratio of 1 to 1,000,000? (Spell the number)
  • 17. Important remedy in Inflamed prostate when semen feels hot. Aversin to sympathy.


  • 18. Croton tig, Ammonium carb, Grindelia, Ledum and Graphites all antidote this type of poisoning.
  • 19. This remedy has nausea at the thought of food. Even the mention of food triggers vomiting. Colchicum.
  • 20. Dr. H.L. Chitkara is is known for his materia medica of this.
  • 21. A term meaning disease produced by medical treatment.
  • 22. This remedy from Spurge Olive, has thick, hard, scabby and crusty eruptions.
  • 23. This plant remedy is better from warmth and bending double. Ailments from suppressed anger.
  • 24. This creepy crawly asthma remedy has suffocation from great accumulation of mucus.
  • 25. This polychrest animal remedy produces yellowish-brown spots with itching. Often useful for ringworm. redness and rawness. It is especially a remedy for ring- worms.
  • 26. This remedy is useful for urticaria caused by eating shell fish.
  • 27. This acid remedy answers in monosyllables out of sheer exhaustion.
  • 28. He calculated the number of atoms in a gram atom or the number of molecules in a gram mole of any substance.
  • 29. This remedyi has visions of animals approaching him from every corner. He tries to escape. Bright red face.
  • 30. This plant remedy is know for its action on the spleen.

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