Crossword July 2016

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  • 1. Made frm Nitro glycerine, this remedy has usefulness in acute hypertension.
  • 2. The animal source of the remedy Homarus gammarus.
  • 3. Anxiety from downward motion, sensitive to sudden noises, fear of thunder are keynotes of thie mineral remedy.
  • 4. Gnaphalium has the peculiar keynote of pain accompained by this sensation.
  • 5. This remedy is made from Culver's root. Black tarry stools, yellow tongue, jaundice. Important liver remedy.
  • 6. Castor Equi is make from the rudimentary thumbnail of this animal.
  • 7. This plant remedy has mapped tongue, feels raw, comes off in patches. An important liver remedy.
  • 8. This amphibian remedy has action in feeble minded children. Useful in panaritum where pain runs up arm.
  • 9. A remedy made from mescal (Agave Americana of Mexico). Causes various visions.
  • 10. This plant remedy is worse in damp, rainy weather, from cold and at night. Rheumatic pains amel moving about. Ringworm.
  • 11. This precious metal remedy has irresitble impulse to kill, excessive sexual appetite, localized numbness.
  • 12. This nosode has despair of recovery, sensitivity to cold, debility, lack of reaction.


  • 13. Hahnemann said it was most difficult to estimate the action of this narcotic remedy.
  • 14. Thie remedy from medicago sativa is used to tone up the appetite and nutrition. Useful for malnutirion in the mother tincture.
  • 15. This nosode has convulsions from dazzling light or sight of running water. Fear of going mad.
  • 16. This flowering plant remedy has migraine headache with nausea,. Also, sour vomit, burning of whole alimentary canal.
  • 17. This remedy from Barberry has pain in thighs and loins on urinating. Bubbling sensation in kidneys.
  • 18. This metal remedy has very weak feeling in the throat and chest from talking. Pains come and go gradually. Great debility.
  • 19. This remedy from Southernwood, is useful in marasmus of lower extremeties only, but with good appetite.
  • 20. This remedy from a light metal is worse from potatoes, dry weather, warmth. Marked by Dryness and inactive rectum and bladder.
  • 21. A keynote of this nosode is succession of boils' or carbuncles. Terrible burning with carbuncle. Hard swelling at R lower jaw.
  • 22. This halogen remedy affects children with enlarged glands and useful in left sided mumps and whooping cough. Amel motion.
  • 23. Cineraria has some reputation for treating this eye disorder.
  • 24. This lac remedy has visions of snakes, is despondent, symptoms change sides and back again.

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