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  • 1. Some remedies work best in a particular sequence, such as Sulphur, Calc, _________
  • 2. Treating disease with substances identical to those that produced the disease.
  • 3. This motion sickness remedy is better from eating, from warm air and keeping the head high.
  • 4. Ignatia is inimical to Nux, Tabacum and to this remedy.
  • 5. This plant remedy is useful for poison ivy when the lesion is better from cold application. Aggr night time.
  • 6. Some remedies work best in a particular sequence, such as Ignatia, Nat mur, ----------
  • 7. Nitric acid is incompatible with this snake remedy.
  • 8. Alleviation of the symptoms without curing the disease. We use this approach in terminal cases.
  • 9. He developed a formula to calculate the number of atoms in a gram atom. That's how we know there's no solute past 12c.
  • 10. This large gland is located beneath the diaphragm in the right upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity.
  • 11. The remedy Theridion is made from this type of creature.
  • 12. The field of homeopathy involved with healing plants.
  • 13. Procedure for rendering an insoluble solid into useable form for homeopathy.


  • 14. This flower remedy has been helpful in repairing peforation of the eardrum. It is also antiseptic in tincture form.
  • 15. Author of The Genius of Homeopathy
  • 16. Stuart ----------
  • 17. Abbreviation and title used by someone who is a member of the faculty of homeopathy.
  • 18. Common name for Herpes Zoster
  • 19. A plant remedy useful in burns and also for aggravation from shellfish. Burning, itching, swelling.
  • 20. This terms describes the body's ability to maintain its normal state.
  • 21. The study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.
  • 22. These small particles, found even in high potency remedies, may help solve the dilution paradox.
  • 23. Plant remedy used in fractures that refuse to heal. Pricking pains after wound is healed. Also, blunt trauma to eyeball.
  • 24. This light metal remedy is useful in chronic lead poisoning.
  • 25. The cancer causing chemical from Monsanto's herbicide that has contamnated many foods in the U.S.
  • 26. This medical condition is characterized by tissues dying and putrefying due to infections, injuries, blocked vessels, frostbite.

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