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  • 1. Oversentisitive to pain, cold, touch, draft. Sudden impulse to kill. Wants to set things on fire. This suggests the remedy ______.
  • 2. This remed is made from the ink of a cephalopod.
  • 3. Conjunctivitis with hot acrid discharge from eyes, bland from nose,feels like sand in eyes, suggests this remedy.
  • 4. Convulsions starting in fingers, toes, clenched thumbs, face bluish, metalic taste, suggests this remedy.
  • 5. Sinusitis with a thick yelow discharge in a chilly patient, who is worse 2-3am, pains in small spots, would suggest this Kali.
  • 6. Loss of muscle strength, discharge of urine on coughing, amel in damp weather, aggr dry cold, very sympathetic. The remedy?
  • 7. This acid remedy craves fat and salt, is chilly, has excoriating discharges, and is unmoved by apology.
  • 8. A child who is hungry soon after eating, screams during sleep, grinds teeth, constantly picks at her nose, suggests this remedy.
  • 9. Dr Adolphe ______ graduated from the University of Berlin and emigrated to the United States.
  • 10. This remedy is made from the White Cedar.
  • 11. Agaricus, Secale and Ustilago belong to this botanical order.
  • 12. Calc Phos was proved by this homeopath, who wrote the ten volume Guiding Symptoms.
  • 13. This nosode has clusters of boils, intolerable burning pains and foul pus, better for heat, hemorrhages of black blood.


  • 14. This remedy is made from a mixture of phenols obtained from Beechwood tar. It has putrid, dark hemorhages.
  • 15. Indigestion from fats, pastries with a white coated tongue and aggr when looked at suggests this Antimonium remedy.
  • 16. Made from Musk, this remedy is important in hysteria.
  • 17. Pain under lower and inner angle of right scapula, craves hot drinks suggests this liver remedy.
  • 18. Seasickness amel by cold, fresh air, sinking at pit of stomach, cold sweat on face, vertigo on opening eyes. The remedy?
  • 19. Mouth sores accompanied by sensitivity to noise and fear of downward motion suggests this remedy.
  • 20. Eczema with thick honey colored discharge, obese, indecisive, aggr cold, craves air, suggests this remedy.
  • 21. Aiments from grief, fainting from odor of cooking food, icy coldness in abdomen, urine dark, scanty, suggest this remedy.
  • 22. Lachesis was first proved by Hering as he worked near this great river in South America.
  • 23. Every sound seems to penetrate the body causing nausea and vertigo and sensitivity between the vertebrae. The remedy?
  • 24. Slow pulse, craves bitter flavors, fear that if he moves, the heart will stop. The remedy?
  • 25. Drosera was proved by this homeopath, and recorded in his Materia medica pura vol VI.
  • 26. This remedy of phylum Porifera has a cough sounding like a saw driven through wood.

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