Can you solve this challenging homeopathy crossword? Play this new homeopathic crossword for September 2020.

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  • 1. This spider remedy has vertigo of worse when closing eyes, and it is greatly aggravated by noise.
  • 2. Snake remedy that has black discharges (eg. ear wax) and black haemorrhages.
  • 3. This remedy is indicated when urine is scanty or suppressed with general oedema, drowsiness, thirstlessness.
  • 4. Plant from whichAallium Sativa is derived.
  • 5. The part of abdomen beneath the lower ribs on either side of the epigastrium is called the _____________
  • 6. The metal oxide remedy has constipation from inactive rectum and dryness. Even soft stools are difficult to pass.
  • 7. Abductor A muscle that upon contraction draws a part away from the median plane of the body.
  • 8. A burning abscess may require Tarentula C., Arsenicum a. or this or this nosode.
  • 9. Older term for gastric reflux
  • 10. Elemental metal remedy indicated in scarlett fever when patient is too weak develop eruption, resulting in brain symptoms.
  • 11. This fungus derived remedy is often indicated in Chorea.


  • 12. This remed is made from a hallucinogenic cactus.
  • 13. Remedy made from Snow-rose that is sometimes indicated after head injury.
  • 14. When is Arsenicum iod. indicated?> This Arsenicum is indicated in Flu with chills, flushes of heat, discharges are irritating and corrosive..
  • 15. This remedy is made from buckwheat.
  • 16. The word that refers to skin that iis bluish gray, like lead. Discoloured like in venous congestion.
  • 17. This remedy is indicated when the teeth turn black and crumble as soon as they appear,
  • 18. This remedy is indicated in threatened miscarriage from anger. Incivility.
  • 19. Remedy in scarlett fever when rash suddenly disappears and alarming symptoms occur. Worse motion.
  • 20. This remedy has threatened abortion in the third month. Also, pains running from sacrum to pubis.
  • 21. The toothache of thisremed is relieved permanently by holding cold water in the mouth.
  • 22. Remedy made from the Gila Monster
  • 23. Snake remedy that has blood dicharging from ears.
  • 24. Indurated glands of stony hardness may require this Calcarea remedy.
  • 25. Term for a large benign cystic tumor on the underside of the tongue on either side of freanum.

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