Crossword November 2012

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  • 1. The aura is a common symptom in this seizure disorder.
  • 2. If you picked up a Bufo Rana, you'd be holding a ________.
  • 3. Kali carb, Argentum nitricum and Iodium all have the symptom: Everything eaten turns to ____ .
  • 4. The number of series in Jan Scholten's schema.
  • 5. According to Dana Ullman, the composers Richard Wagner and Ludwig van Beethoven were helped by this healing method.
  • 6. This plant remedy covers conjunctivitis with thick, yellow, bland discharge. Ophthalniia after measles.
  • 7. This plant remedy has aversion to food, nausea, loathing at the thought of food, great debility and brown tongue.
  • 8. In anal fissure this acid remedy has sensation as of splinters or sticks in the anus.
  • 9. If you were given some Hairy Henbane, you could potentize it to make this remedy.
  • 10. This rapid onset remedy ceases to be useful in the second stage of inflammation, when it has localized itself.
  • 11. In the periodic table, the letter A stands for this element.
  • 12. This remedy has ravenous hunger and gastralgia relieved by eating and nausea worse from riding and motion.
  • 13. Remedy for earache In nervous children who can't tolerate pain and have one cheek red and the other pale. W. A. DEWEY, M. D.
  • 14. This important cancer remedy has vomiting that occurs three or four hours after the patient eats. Kreosote.
  • 15. This chilly restless remedy is used for atrophy of the optic nerve from tobacco.


  • 16. In fevers, this plant remedy has drowsiness, dullness and dizziness, sore muscles and absence of thirst.
  • 17. H.A. Roberts is well known for his book of SRP symptoms titled : ___________ As IF
  • 18. Snake remedy for dropsies with dark urine that contains albumen; the skin covering the oedematous parts is dark, bluish. black.
  • 19. Cantharis has the peculiar eye symptom that objects appear this color.
  • 20. Hemorrhoids protrude like a bunch of grapes after each stool, and are relieved by application of cold water and aggr by motion.
  • 21. This kali remedy has ulcers of the cornea, with tendency to deep perforation that look as if punched out.
  • 22. The Sanguinaria headache pain begins in the occiput, crosses up over the head and settles in the _______ eye. right eye.
  • 23. A plant remedy with dropsies from cardiac affections, urine scanty, dark, feeble pulse, feeling as if the heart stood still.
  • 24. This nosode covers ottorrhoea, with a horribly offensive odor, like that of rotten meat.
  • 25. In dry gangrene of the elderly, Secale differs from Ars in that Secale has relief from _____applications.
  • 26. Hahnemann created this remedy by distilling equal portions of calcium hydroxide and potassium bisulphate
  • 27. The crude form of carbo veg is this color.
  • 28. Antim. Crudum is distinguished from Ipecac in stomach troubles because the tonge of Ipecac is ________ The tongue is clean,

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