Homeopathy Crossword July 2013

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  • 1. This remedy is indicated for mental and physical weakness at both ends of life. Dwarfish children.
  • 2. Thoughts of death give him joy. Delusion he's neglected his duty. The remedy?
  • 3. This remedy is useful for nosebleed after a blow. It's made from Yarrow.
  • 4. This elemental remedly is important in pneumonia of both the right and left lung.
  • 5. Paralysis of any part in rheumatic subjects as a result of getting wet, may call for this remedy.
  • 6. Paralysis of limbs after strong emotions might suggest this remedy.
  • 7. A metal remedy that longs for the good opinion of others.
  • 8. Name of homeopath and author of Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics. Eugene Beauharis ________ ?
  • 9. This motion sickness remedy has nausea from swinging motion or riding in a carriage. Worse eating, loss of sleep.
  • 10. This plant remedy promotes union of bone fractures.
  • 11. Headache with flushed face after gettng a haircut. Worse lying down.
  • 12. This remedy has pain in stomach when it is empty, and relieved by eating. Memory loss. Desire to curse. Continuous praying.
  • 13. This sea animal remedy has perspiration in the presence of strangers.
  • 14. One sided facial paralysis from cold, may need this defiant, psssionate remedy.
  • 15. Phthisis is found in homeopathic texts and refers to this disease.


  • 16. This remedy is indicated in milk fever with painful, hard, tender breasts,chill, coated tongue, bitter taste, aching in back.
  • 17. Hamamelis is sometimes indicate for this condition of the veins.
  • 18. This flirty acid remedy has anger at persons who are absent. He feels better toward them on seeing them
  • 19. This plant remedy is often needed for weakness and drowsiness after the flu.
  • 20. This remedy is useful in some cases of acute hypertension and doesn't recognize well known streets.
  • 21. Children who are angry and capricious may need this remedy.
  • 22. This elemental remedy has retraction of umbilicus.
  • 23. Important remedy in mastitis. Inclination to bite the teeth and gums together.
  • 24. Tellurium is sometimes indicated in this common fungal skin disease.
  • 25. The rheumatic pains of Ranunculus bulbosus are worse in this kind of weather.
  • 26. A slow pulse in angina suggests this plant remedy.
  • 27. This plant remedy has backache affecting sacrum and hips and is worse walking or stooping.
  • 28. This animal kingdom remedy is sometimes useful in asthma from dust.
  • 29. Anxiety about business causes dyspepsia in this irritable, impatient remedy.
  • 30. This remedy fears insects and mice.

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