Crossword April 2011

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  • 1. Apoplexy remedy with rattling, stertorous breathing and a very dark red face.
  • 2. This nitricum is used for neonatal conjunctivitis.
  • 3. Apis is often used for this extreme allergic reaction.
  • 4. Remedy made from sunlight and used for burns.
  • 5. This antipsoric mineral comes in three allotropic forms: orthorhombic, monoclinic and amorphous.
  • 6. Common name for Taraxacum.
  • 7. This remedy has a fear of anything black.
  • 8. Uveitis is a painful inflammation of this organ.
  • 9. HCL : One of the acid remedies
  • 10. Which of these remedies has difficlult breathing when overheated: Silica, Apis, Arsenicum
  • 11. Desert plant remedy - sensation of a band around a body part.
  • 12. This Kalli is chilly, has pain in small spots and tough, stringy, yellow discharges.
  • 13. Two natrums are sensitive to the sun. Natrum mur and Natrum __________


  • 14. This acid remedy has the delusion that his betrothal must be broken.
  • 15. Apis, Cantharis, Berberis and Equisetum all have a special affinity for this organ.
  • 16. Calcium sullphur combo. Oversensitive to cold, touch, draft
  • 17. Burning in the spine in spots. This name of this element means bringer of light.
  • 18. This childhood illness with rash also has white spots inside the mouth (Koplik spots)
  • 19. Early stages of inflammation may require this Ferrum.
  • 20. Remedy made ffrom Bitter Cucumber
  • 21. This anxious remedy would commit suicide by hanging.
  • 22. This ailment starts with pain near umbilicus, nausea, vomiting. Pain then shifts to lower right abdomen, worse motion, right leg. drawn up.
  • 23. This remedy from the poison nut is often useful for speech problems after a stroke.
  • 24. Phosphorus is essentially a ______ sided remedy.
  • 25. HNO3 -An acid remedy
  • 26. South American plant - high altitude remedy
  • 27. Which of these remdies does NOT have black vomit?: Arsenicum, Cadmium Sulph, Alumina
  • 28. A top remedy for thrush in children.
  • 29. Parotidinum is the nosode of this disease.
  • 30. One of the remedies for indurated tumor of the breast.

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