Crossword January 2011

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  • 1. Trypanosoma brucei is a protozoan spread by the tsetse fly that causes this kind of sickness.
  • 2. Delusion that his limbs are separated from his body. Low fevers, septic states, bed feels hard.
  • 3. If a prescription called for 3 gtt. you would three of these.
  • 4. Important remedy in traumatic injury to bones and eyes.
  • 5. Tellurium is a specific for this fungal disease.
  • 6. Medical shorthand for TWICE A DAY.
  • 7. Nat sulph, Helleborus and Cicuta are to be considered in injuries to this organ.
  • 8. This remedy dreads the night on account of mental and physical exhaustion in the morning.
  • 9. Morgan pure, Gaertner, Mutabile and Bacillus no. 7 belong to this class of nosodes.
  • 10. The sclera and choroid are found in this organ.
  • 11. This remedy fits hemorrhage with nausea, bright red blood, clean tongue, salivation.
  • 12. This constitutional type is anxious, yielding, faint hearted, obstinate,chilly and worse from suppressed foot sweat.
  • 13. Dulcamara has diarrhea in this kind of weather.
  • 14. Shorter word for Cinchona.
  • 15. This remedy has gradual paralysis, craves smoked foods and is idealistic.
  • 16. Caladium, Nux and Plantago useful in treating sympotms of addiction to this common substance.
  • 17. American born homeopath author of A Synoptic Key to Materia Medica. Dr. C.M. ________
  • 18. This remedy has ailments from suppressed sexual diesire and is often usedfor cancerous affections of glands.


  • 19. The crude substance can propel a cannonball. Used for Septic fever, ulcers, boils.
  • 20. Hamamelis has a special affinity for these circulatory organs.
  • 21. Terebinthina, an important kidney and bladder remedy is made from this substance.
  • 22. Curing side effects of drugs, by administering the identical harmful agent in potentised form.
  • 23. This carnivore remedy is a specific for Whooping cough.
  • 24. Awhale of a good remedy that has trembling from music.
  • 25. Important remedy for bruised bone.
  • 26. This cannabis has exalted ideas and fear of insanity.
  • 27. Hydrophobinum
  • 28. The term provng in homeopathy, comes from the German word Prüfung , meaning this.
  • 29. Emaciation in Natrum mur patients is first seen in ths part of the body.
  • 30. Calc fluor is useful for this chronic clouding of the lens of the eye.

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