Homeopathy Crossword March 2019

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  • 1. In cholera infantum a characterizing indication for Aconite is stools looking like chopped _______.
  • 2. Children who fear the dark, sleep on the R. side,get nosebleeds and crave ice cream may need this remedy.
  • 3. This plant remedy, order: Ranunculales, family: Ranunculaceae, has : ailments from being abandoned.
  • 4. Acid remedy made from a acid found in sour milk.
  • 5. Children needing this nosode are most alert at night, crave iced drinks and are worse from dampness and prone to asthma.
  • 6. Commmon name for plant remedy pilocarpus, used in treating mumps.
  • 7. Fear of devils is most often found in this plant remedy.
  • 8. This heavy metal elemental remedy has fear of being assassinated.
  • 9. A keynote of this nosode is: Succession of boils. black or blue blisters.
  • 10. This remedy from WIld Indigo is often indicated in septic throats.
  • 11. Spleen remedy from Red Root.
  • 12. Pain after dilatation of a sphincter can often be helped by this suppressed anger remedy.


  • 13. This bromatum is sometimes indicated for X-ray burns.
  • 14. Homeopath who proved Hydrogen.
  • 15. This acid remedy gets violent headache on any attempt to do mental work. Trembling, numbess, lassitude, indifference.
  • 16. Iberis Amara has a particular affinity for this organ.
  • 17. Children needing this nosode may be born with hair on the scalp and down the spine.
  • 18. This remedy made from Black Garden Radish is useful in some cases of post-operative colic. Pockets of wind.
  • 19. This remedy made from a plant of the family Asteraceae (Compositae).has this major keynote: mapped tongue
  • 20. Post influenza depression with enlarged cervical glands, worse cold. This mineral remedy is derived from sand.
  • 21. This insect remedy has : as if tendons were contracted and too short. Acanthia lectularia.
  • 22. Gnaphalium may be indicated in sciatica if there is pain with this sensation: _________.
  • 23. This remedy from Yellow Locust is indicated in Hyperchlorhydria. Bitter acid belchings.
  • 24. Lac vaccinum is made from the milk of this animal.
  • 25. Homarus is a remedy derived from this animal.
  • 26. This plant remedy from the order Papaverales, is listed in bold type under FEARLESS in our repertories.
  • 27. Remedy made from a morbid product found in Sperm Whales.
  • 28. Mag phos most often responds to _______ sided sciatica.

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