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Homeopathy Crossword
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  • 1. This element remedy has aggravatio from garlic.
  • 2. This plant remedy useful for fright, has clairvoyant dreams.
  • 3. Chronic inflammation and thickening of the bursa of the joint of the great toe, with marked enlargement of the joint.
  • 4. This remedy made from confrey can be useful for eye injuries.
  • 5. Healing method developed by Jiri Cehovsky that uses a person's own potentized saliva or breath to heal.
  • 6. Iinflammatory disease of sebaceous glands, hair follicles of the skin characterized by comedones, papules, pustules in teens..
  • 7. Psorinum and this other nosode have aggravation from meat.
  • 8. This Natrum has aversion to chicken.
  • 9. J.T. Kents term for haughty
  • 10. These children are typically soft, over-fat, fair, chilly, and lethargic. They often look surprisingly fit but, nevertheless, do not possess much energy either mental or physical. In early life they are often very over-weight, and although they appear very healthy when examined one finds soft fat rather than muscle. AGALACTIA. In agalactia with breasts swollen and painful and patient is depressed and tearful this plant remedy is indicated.
  • 11. This remedy made from a fungus can be useful for Raynaud's disease.
  • 12. This remedy made from the Marking Nut has dreams of dead bodies.


  • 13. Homeopath Carroll ______ 1828 - 1877 He was was editor of the American Homeopathic Review.
  • 14. Delirium tremens with terror, visions of animals springing up or ghosts indicates this narcotic remedy.
  • 15. This light metal remedy is useful for ailments from lead poisoning.
  • 16. This arborvitae sycotic remedy has dreams of falling from high places.
  • 17. Thi sea remedy desires lemons.
  • 18. Sabal has an affinity for this male organ.
  • 19. J.T. Kent's term for domineering.
  • 20. Modern term for censorius
  • 21. The measles nosode
  • 22. Glanders is a disease that occurs in thiis animal.
  • 23. This halogen remedy has aggravation from chocolate.
  • 24. The remedy from Pilocarpus jaborandi can be useful for this childhood epidemic disease.

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  • a cunning puzzle! those verification pictures are even worse. the picture quality is so poor, they are really difficult

  • Where’s the crossword puzzle? It does not open up on my screen, only the questions appear…

  • Where’s the crossword puzzle? It does not appear on my screen, only the list of questions.