Homeopathy Crossword January 2019

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  • 1. Which Bach flower remedy is best characterized by fears of unknown origin?
  • 2. Thiis remed from Woody NIghtshade is worse in cold, damp, rainy weather.
  • 3. Acid remedy made from an acid that can't be stored in glass.
  • 4. Acid remed with keynote sensation as if the white of an egg had dried on the face.
  • 5. Which Bach flower remedy is characterized by utter despair?
  • 6. Dr. John Martin Honigberger first introduced homeopathy into this country.
  • 7. Alternation, periodicity, and susceptibility to fungal infections best characterizes this miasm.
  • 8. Which miasm is characterized by slow progressive development, flluid retention and multiple cutaneous papillomata?.
  • 9. Globus Hystericus, rapid alternation of emotional state, paradoxical symptoms, effects of prolonged grief. The remedy?
  • 10. This remedy is made from Nitric acid and a member of the Phenol series. Useful in brain fag. Sllight exertion causes exhaustion.
  • 11. One three legged stool in homeopathy is: Sensation, Location and ________


  • 12. In India, the U in AYUSH stands for
  • 13. Used in the latter months of pregnancy, this remedy helps in dilatation of the cervix. Made from Blue cohosh
  • 14. Remedy made from Rosin Wood. One keynote is, stops breathing when he falls asleep.
  • 15. Nosode of rabies
  • 16. When one remedy completes the cure started by another, the relationship of the two remedies is termed _______________
  • 17. Headache from thundery weather, clairvoyance, bruising easily, tall, think morphology best describe this constitution.
  • 18. Aurum, the Mercurius remedies and Nitricum acidum are most often associated with this miasm.
  • 19. Fat, chilly,dyspeptic, moist cutaneous eruptions with honey like discharge, absence of perspiration suggest this remedy.
  • 20. Susceptibility to respiratory infection, can't gain weight in spite of good appetite, profuse sweating, allergies. The miasm?
  • 21. This bowel nosode bacillis remedy is most often associated with nutritional disorders in children.
  • 22. HNO3 - Acid remedy characterized by splinter-like pains.
  • 23. Hans Birch Gram first introduced homeopathy into this country.
  • 24. This non- metal elemental remedy has ravenous appetite, with great emaciation, enlarged glands. Atomic number 53.

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  1. what a good idea!! Homeopathic cross-stich!!
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