Homeopathy Crossword February 2021

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  • 1. This fungi remedy has chilblains that itch and burn intolerably.
  • 2. Apic is inimical to this plant remedy.
  • 3. Remedy of the compositae family indicated in bone pain. Bones feel sore or as if broken.
  • 4. Antimonium remedy in measles in desperate cases when the eruption does not come out properly.
  • 5. Cantharis is complementary to this stinging insect remedy
  • 6. Emotional trauma remedy worse from coffee, tobacco.
  • 7. Lachesis in inimical to this acid remedy.
  • 8. Ignatia is inimical to this polychrest.
  • 9. In Kent's M.M. this word applies to someone who is cirtical.
  • 10. This mineral remedy has jagged warts, moist warts, warts on eyelids, tip of the nose. Passes urine on coughing or sneezing.
  • 11. This carbonicum is indicated in pneumonia with drowsiness, rattling of large bubbles in the lung, bluish or purplish hue of lips.
  • 12. Ammonium carbonicum is inimical to this snake remedy.


  • 13. Imperfect assimilation and consequent defective nutrition and bad effects of vaccination characterize this mineral remedy.
  • 14. This thirsty, outgoing, remedy is sensitive to stimuli and known for her clairvoyance.
  • 15. Remedy in sciatica when pains run along the course of the sciatic nerve and alternate with numbness.
  • 16. Talking causes weak feeling in the throat and chest, and pains come and go gradually suggest this elemental remedy.
  • 17. Natrum muriaticum is complementary to this homesick plant remedy capsicum.
  • 18. Nux vomica is inimical to this elemental metal remedy.
  • 19. A muscle that contracts and draws a part away from the median plane of body.
  • 20. Plant remedy that causes the diminution and disappearance of sugar in the urine.
  • 21. Sycotic plant remedy useful in smallpox when the pustules are very large. If given early it can prevent scarring.
  • 22. This leguminosae remedy imagines his body is scattered about the bed. Falls asleep while being spoken to.
  • 23. This acid remedy has hemorrhage: from every mucous outlet and.vicarious; traumatic epistaxis. Good on salads.
  • 24. Prolapse of uterus and ailments during pregnancy and lactation characterize this sea remedy.

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