Homeopathy Crossword February 2019

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  • 1. Metal remedy for violent delirium from suppressed eruptions, with blueness of face and lips,frothing at the mouth.
  • 2. Remed made from tin, atomic number 50.
  • 3. This carbon remedy is often summed up as sad, fat, fair and constipated.
  • 4. Lactuca Virosa is made from wild _______
  • 5. If you add sulphuric acid to C12H22O11 and remove the water, what remains is this element.
  • 6. This carbonicum has debility and headache from the sun.
  • 7. HNO3 is this acid remedy.
  • 8. Recent research suggests that homeopathic remedies contain ______ particles.
  • 9. This elemental metal remedy constipation from dryness, inertia of the rectum, stool is difficult, no matter the consistency.
  • 10. SYZYGIUM is know to cause disappearance of ______ in the urine.
  • 11. Remedy made from the plant that killed Socrates.
  • 12. The remedy made from this common cleaning powder has fear of downward motion.
  • 13. He is know for introducing the biochemic theory of remedies.
  • 14. Swan, Deshere, Fincke and Skinner all invented this class of devices.
  • 15. In sunstroke, this remedy exhiibits pale face, full, round pulse, labored respiration, eyes fixed, cerebral vomiting, white tongue.
  • 16. This nitricum remedy craves sweets, which cause flatulence and efforts to belch.


  • 17. This metal remedy has disgust for life, longing for death and a tendency to suicide.
  • 18. This Schussler natrum remedy has a thick, yellow coating on the back part of the tongue.
  • 19. This mercurius remedy is often indicated in malignant diphtheria with extreme prostration, gangrenous membrane, nose bleed. tion
  • 20. This metal remedy has a blue line along the border of the gums.
  • 21. This Calc remedy has sour, undigested, offensive stools, esp. in in fat children with open fontanelles. dentition; worse from milk, they contain curds of undi- gested milk.
  • 22. Mercurius corrosivus was first introduced by this famous German homeopath.
  • 23. Elemental metal remedy indicated In scalatina when patient is too weak to develop eruption, so brain symptoms occur.
  • 24. This metal remedy has full bloodedness or plethora, followed by paleness, earthiness of the face, and puffy extremities.
  • 25. Of the basic atomic particles, electrons, protons, and neutrons, the smallest are ___________
  • 26. This remedy is made from Silico-Fluoride of Calcium.
  • 27. Cations have fewer electrons and therefore have a ________ charge.
  • 28. Remedy made from sunlight and sometimes useful in burns and radiation sickness.

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