Crossword September 2013

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  • 1. This metal remedy is derived from the mineral corundum. Aggr potatoes, aggr seeing blood.
  • 2. A remedy useful after head injuries. <4-8pm, stupor, indifference. Sights, sounds, odors make no impression.
  • 3. Lac remedy with delusion that all she said is a lie.
  • 4. In meningitis this remedy it is indicated by the shrill outcries in sleep.
  • 5. This remedy has flatulent colic with desire to stool. Sensation as if the intestines were squeezed between stones. Irritable.
  • 6. Much perspiration occurring with any other trouble, ailments from fright, < after midnight, suggests lthis remedy made fro Elder.
  • 7. This remedy has erroneous ideas as to the state of his body.
  • 8. This common remedy is made from a substance that is combustible in air at normal temperatures. It's stored under water.
  • 9. This remedy has the sensation in the heart as if it were grasped by an iron hand.
  • 10. This acid remedy is made from a substance that was once used to dress burns.
  • 11. This metal remedy has the delusion he is being at a war.
  • 12. Bernhardt Fincke (1821-1906) developed a machine used for doing this to remedies.
  • 13. Ths remedy was first prepared by exposing chopped beef in water in a sunny place for thre days.
  • 14. Modern term for waterbrash
  • 15. Oleander has the peculiar symptom that the headache is relieved by looking in this direction.
  • 16. Nosode indicated in chronic pelvic diseases, > seaside, hurried, everything seems unreal.


  • 17. This organ in the head is especially affected by Arum Triphyllum
  • 18. This remediy's cough is dry. The patient presses his hand against the sides to relieve the pain. Pain felt in distant parts. the sides to relieve the pain.
  • 19. Name of the autism treatment developed by Tinus Smits
  • 20. Hemorrhage with flow that is is dark, passive, venous and accompanied by soreness, exhaustiion. The remedy? a feeling of soreness, and the patient is greatly exhausted.
  • 21. SIlica constipation from deficient expulsive power of the rectum gives rise to the expression ______ stool.
  • 22. This natrum has the delusion she is pitied.
  • 23. This remedy has the sensation of a plug in the rectum. Unfeeling, hatred, lack of confidence.
  • 24. Bell, Calc, Stram and Aeth have the delusion they see this common pet animal.
  • 25. Jiri Cehovsky developed this method of using remedies made from one's own saliva.
  • 26. One keynote of Rhododendron is aggravation before these climatological events.
  • 27. Anhalonium is made from this cactus.
  • 28. Acid remedy with delusion he is involved in a lawsuit.
  • 29. Chamomilla, Staphisagria and Colocynth may all develop fits from this emotion. Chamomilla , Staphisagria , and Colocynth.

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