Crossword October 2013

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  • 1. A keynote of this liver remedy is pain under the angle of the right shoulder blade.
  • 2. A cardiac remedy also useful in left sided neuralgia.
  • 3. In women needing this remedy, pain goes from the nipple all over body, and there is excessive flow of milk.
  • 4. This elemental remedy has aggravation from garlic.
  • 5. This remedy made from Rosiin wood has ceases to breathe on falling asleep and wakes with a start.
  • 6. Best remedy at commencement of measles when there is fever, restlessness, photophobia and a hard, croupy cough.
  • 7. This recreational drug is very effective in seasickness. Increased salivation. Amel uncovering abdomen.
  • 8. Patiens needing this grief remedy may alternately laugh and cries, and there is great sensitiveness to external impressions.
  • 9. This spider remedy craves sand.
  • 10. This remedy seeks consolation and is better for it.
  • 11. James Tyler Kent lived and practiced homeopathy in this country.
  • 12. Dulcamara symptoms are brought on or made worse by this climatic condition.
  • 13. Chamomilla, Valerian, Hepar sulphur and Veratrum album may all faint when experiencing this.
  • 14. This narcotic remedy has aphonia from fright.


  • 15. What drug is known as the vegetable Mercury?
  • 16. A metal remedy in measles when there is bluish face, violent symptoms, convulsive cramps.
  • 17. Persons needing this remedy are proud, haughty and they perceive objects as smaller.
  • 18. Elaps and Naja both fear this common climatic condition.
  • 19. Alternately imagines he is God or the devil.
  • 20. Made from slaked lime and potassium, this sympathetic remedy is worse in clear weather.
  • 21. Pulsatilla is indicated inmumps when there is a threatened metastasis to the breasts or the -----------?
  • 22. Chamomilla and this remedy have biliousness following an attack of anger.
  • 23. This narcotic remedy is useful in altitude sickness.
  • 24. In patients needing abrotanum, emaciation spreads in this direction.
  • 25. Syzgium causes a dimunition of this in the urine.
  • 26. This remedy imagines she is made of glass and is in constant fear of being touched lest she be broken.
  • 27. This fungi remedy has pain like splinters.
  • 28. A keynote of Taraxacum is this pattern of coating on the tongue.
  • 29. In this acid remedy for neurasthenia, the slightest exertion brings on speedy exhaustion.

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