Crossword February 2015

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  • 1. Treating a patient with a pootentized version of drug or toxin that was the cause of illness is referred to as _________.
  • 2. Remedy from Oatstraw, used for insomnia, nervous exhaustion, bad effects of drug addiction.
  • 3. The number of wives Constantine Hering had during his life.
  • 4. This nosode is indicated if : lack of reaction, prostration after acute disease, despair of recovery, offensive discharges.
  • 5. Itching in nose, throat and palate cause the patient needing this remedy to rub his tongue constantly over his palate.
  • 6. This remedy has been proven effective in thousands of people as a prophylactic for poliomyelitis.
  • 7. Hahnemann's 50 millesimal potencies are generally referred to as ____.
  • 8. This remedy has hayfever with much sneeziing. Chilly, craves warm drinks. It's also used for some worm conditions.
  • 9. Sepia is the chronic remedy of this plant based polychrest.
  • 10. Silica is the chronic remedy of this plant based remedy.


  • 11. Nausea with clean tongue, thirstless, ailments from suppresed anger, suggests this remedy.
  • 12. This remedy is the vegetable analogue of Mercury
  • 13. Silica is often used for ailments caused by suppressed sweat on these organs.
  • 14. Dry skin, cracking of tips of fingers, worse in winter, seasickness, aversion to meat, suggests this remedy.
  • 15. Morbillinum has been used as a prophylactic for this childhood disease.
  • 16. Rhus Tox is to Apis as Mecurius is to this mineral remedy.
  • 17. The principal indication calling for Mag phos in neurlagia is relief from _______ application. lief from warm applications.
  • 18. Sulph - Cal and Lyc follow well in that sequence, as Ignatia, Nat mur and _______ follow each other.
  • 19. Author of Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica and also added to Boenninghausen's M.M. Dr. Cyrus Maxwell ______.
  • 20. This American Homeopath has a blog on the Huffington Post. Dana _______.
  • 21. Viburnam has a special affinity for this female organ.
  • 22. Famous German homeopath 1812-1888. Emigrated to the U.S. Adolphe ______.
  • 23. Cardus, Chelidonium, Chionanthus, Cinchona, Leptandra and Taraxacum have a special affinity for this organ.

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