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  • 1. This angry acid remedy is worse from slight touch and jar and has fear of ascending.
  • 2. Love of approbation is a keynote of this metal remedy.
  • 3. This remedy is useful in head injury and has aversion to apples.
  • 4. Lyc, Thuj, Puls, Alum, Bry, Ign, Sulph all have strong aggravation from this bulb vegetable.
  • 5. Only one remedy is listed under fear of death during migraine. It is chillly, restless and worse after midnight.
  • 6. He lived from 1800-1880 and proved 72 remedies including Cantharis, Colchicum, Apis, Psorinum, Crotalus and Apis.
  • 7. Homeoopath who proved Hydrogen, Chocolate and Scorpion
  • 8. Dr. Stuart Close (1860-1929) was born and worked in this country.
  • 9. This poisonous acid remedy is listed under desire for strawberries and also aggr from strawberries.
  • 10. Famous Swiss homeopath (1894-1987) Dr. Pierre _______.
  • 11. Boenninghausen's schema includes Location Sensation Concomitant and this ________
  • 12. Syphilinum and this snake remedy both fear suffering from exhaustion on waking.
  • 13. This is the only remedy listed in 3 points for Desires Honey.


  • 14. This syphilitic acid remedy has inability to realize responsibility and aggravation from peaches.
  • 15. He is Founder of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Dr. Todd _____
  • 16. Tuberculinum and Sulphur are two of the remedies that have fear of these common pet animals.
  • 17. ALUM, NUX-M and PLAT all have fear of this bodiily flluid.
  • 18. Only Sabadilla and this remedy are listed in 3 points for Garlic Aggravates.
  • 19. Fear of fresh air is found in caps, chin and this stimulant remedy.
  • 20. This precious metal remedy has fear of failure in business or work.
  • 21. This passionate remedy is 3 points for Desires Smoked Food.
  • 22. All these remedies have fear of disease in this organ - Apis, Aur, Calc, Arn, Graph, Kali-ar, Lach, Lil - t, Phos, Spongia.
  • 23. Under Fear of Bees, we find this remedy useful in inflammation which is worse from draft, cold and touch.
  • 24. Potatoes aggravate patients needing this light metal remedy.
  • 25. Pioneering Australian homeopath who developed Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) Grant _______.
  • 26. This highly sexed precious metal remedy has fear of being forsaken by her husband.

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  • Hpathy is a feast! I enjoy your homeopathy crossword puzzle every month, and learn a lot from it too.

  • Is there a mistake at no.17? Alumina has only 7 letters.
    It is my first crossword, and I enjoy it very much. It is very helpful for a beginner like me.